Roarthon Awards

Miracle Cup, Honors & Awards

FIU ROARTHON recognizes every student who was involved in making a difference in the lives of children through their contributions to ROARTHON. Dancers, Morale Assistants, Committee and Morale Captains, as well as Dancer Teams are vital to the success and foundations of future marathons. To recognize the shining stars of each group of miracle makers, we host a healthy competition for the Miracle Cup and honor individuals as well. Below are those who have gone above and beyond their “call of duty” at our previous marathons FOR THE KIDS! We look forward to making more miracles happen this year with YOUR help.

Miracle Cup Winners:

2016: Phi Mu
2015: Phi Mu
2014: Phi Mu
2013: Phi Mu
2012: Phi Mu
2011: Phi Mu
2010: Phi Mu
2009: Phi Mu
2008: Tau Kappa Epsilon

Charlie K. Andrews Top Greek Organization:

2016:Delta Phi Epsilon
2010: Alpha Xi Delta
2009: Alpha Xi Delta
2008: Phi Mu
2007: Phi Mu

Maggie Sanchez Top Open Organization:

2016: Phi Delta Epsilon
2015: Phi Delta Epsilon
2014: Catholic Panthers
2013: Phi Delta Epsilon
2012: Phi Delta Epsilon
2010: Big Hearts, Happy Feet
2009: Alternative Breaks
2008: Leaders in Residence

Janelle Bertot Morale Captain of the Year:

2016: Raquel Alespeti
2015: Dillon Montes Del Oca
2014: Fernando Trillo
2013: Katherine Dorta
2012:Dylan Taylor Matthews
2011: Matt Donn
2010: Alina Quintana
2009: Katrina Fumagali
2008: Kimie Madaj

Sean Kramer Chair(s) of the Year:

2015: Michael Medina
2014: Adrian Morera
2013: Amy Cruz / Laura Pacchioni
2012: Amanda Finzi-Smith/ Evelin Urdanela
2011: Alina Quintana
2010: Shannonlee Rodriguez/Jenise Fernandez
2009: Sandra Perez
2008: Eliza Arenas

DMer of the Year:

2016: Amanda Guerra
2010: Renzo Barrantes
2009: Nayim B.
2008: Chris Ponce

FIU Dance Marathon Honors & Awards:
2009: Children’s Miracle Network/ DM Leadership Conference – Most Unique Fundraiser – Zumbathon
2008: Children’s Miracle Network/ DM Leadership Conference – Most Unique Fundraiser – So You Think You Can Dance

•Children’s Miracle Network/ DM Leadership Conference – Best Morale Line Dance
•Children’s Miracle Network/ DM Leadership Conference – Most Improved Marathon
•FIU Trail of the Torch- Founding Torchbearer